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There are many conferences on loans and bonds, but this is the only event that brings both bonds and loans together on the same platform.
Peter Bulbrook, Barclays Capital
The organisation and programming of the event were superb; It was a great opportunity to take advantage of bilateral relationship meetings.
Abraham Nwankwo, Debt Management Office, Nigeria
Networking, networking, networking…by far the largest platform for loans and bonds bankers and issuers in Middle East. Worth investing 2 days!
Chiradeep Deb, Mashreq
This is the only event in calendar that attracts the largest number of CFOs/Treasurers and all key industry professionals. This is a great conference.
Hasan Mustafa, RBS
The best debt market conferences in the world...

Latest Market Insights

Arcos Dorados orders US$167.3mn loan

Brazil’s largest McDonald’s franchisee Arcos Dorados has received a loan with the intention of servicing the costs of older notes. Although many Brazilian corporates hold low credit ratings as a result of both internal and external factors, small improvements in the domestic economic climate is starting to translate into gains for some.

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Nigeria’s debt mountain grows

Nigeria is looking to raise significant capital from its domestic markets as part of a wider financing plan. Despite the high levels of debt, it is unlikely the sovereign will be over-leveraged, and the depth of the country’s local debt markets mean there will likely be demand for the issuances.

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Is the emerging market rebound set to bounce back?

Emerging markets have reacted well to dovish signals from the US Federal Reserve. The rise in commodity prices has also contributed to their performance. However future interest rate increases combined with a slowdown in the rise in commodity prices could end the rebound.

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Tapping into the MENA corridor, CFC Stanbic secures loan

CFC Stanbic Bank Kenya received a loan from a number of banks including Middle Eastern lenders as they search for new areas of liquidity.

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EM Corporates: More of 2015?

The EM asset class entered 2016 with challenging macroeconomic backdrop, supportive technicals and size difficult to ignore. But the divergence in performance between corporates and sovereigns has been clearly set in 2015 and is expected to continue, writes Sonya Dilova of BMO GAM.

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Loathe to loan to Brazil

Brazil is losing the trust of international investors. The macroeconomic situation in the country and the slow reaction of corporate executives to reassure the markets has led to many lenders either leaving the Brazilian market or requesting dollar guarantees on any credit they provide.

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Kenya to test appetite with possible Eurobond

One of the better performing sovereigns in Africa could tap the Eurobond markets. Although the shape of Kenya’s economy looks promising for investors, possible corruption and an election next year could mean that any Eurobond’s yield would have to be significantly higher than that seen on the last issuance.

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Is the junk bond revival nothing but rubbish?

Junk bonds and distressed debt from emerging markets has seen a brief rebound on the back of rising commodity prices. However, with the increase in commodity prices slowing, sub-investment grade debt may lose its gains.

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Iran issues debut ijara sukuk

In an effort to diversify its sources of funding and relieve the pressure on the local banking system, the Iranian government has launched a sukuk, a positive step forward for the global sukuk markets.

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China Exim Bank makes its mark in Africa

African economies have struggled from low commodity prices and weakening demand due to their close links with China. However, the continent’s largest trading partner is investing considerable funds in the region to prop up infrastructure projects, which are crucial for the development of the region’s economies.

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1 Jun 2016

The W Hotel, Santiago

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22 Sep 2016

Four Seasons, Mexico City

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24 - 25 Oct 2016

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16 - 17 Nov 2016

Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul

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21 Feb 2017

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28 Feb - 1 Mar 2017

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