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There are many conferences on loans and bonds, but this is the only event that brings both bonds and loans together on the same platform
Peter Bulbrook, Barclays Capital
The organisation and programming of the event were superb; It was a great opportunity to take advantage of bilateral relationship meetings.
Abraham Nwankwo, Debt Management Office, Nigeria
Networking, networking, networking……… by far the largest platform for loans and bonds bankers and issuers in Middle East. Worth investing 2 days!
Chiradeep Deb, Mashreq
This only event in calendar that attracts the largest number of CFOs/Treasurers and all key industry professionals. This is the only event worth attending each year
Hasan Mustafa, RBS
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Latest Market Insights

Interview with Paulo Fontoura Valle: key borrowing plans for the National Treasury for 2015/2016

Paulo Fontoura Valle, Head of Debt Management, National Treasury, Ministry of Finance, Brazil, outlines the key borrowing plans for the National Treasury for 2015/2016.

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Downgrades – and upgrades – on the horizon in EMs

The recent turbulence in world markets has disproportionately seen its impacts felt in emerging market DCMs; Brazil was just one of the 31 emerging market countries that had its credit rating downgraded so far this year, compared with just seven developed markets.

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Interview with Özge Özen, AK Enerji: How to manage FX and interest rate risk

Özge Özen, Finance Group Manager at AK Enerji, explains how important it is for companies to manage risk with derivatives instruments, and why.

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September Oil Market Monthly

Each month the world’s leading oil market experts at KAMCO share their outlook on the latest trends and oil pricing, flows, production and demand in globally. Here is a snapshot of what they have observed last month and what they forecast for September.

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When will Brazil become a ‘buy’?

Brazil’s markets continued their downward spiral this week as weak data out of China continues to take its toll on the country and other emerging markets. But the real question on investors’ minds is: When is Brazil going to be a ‘buy’?

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Three factors that could impact Mexico’s outlook

In the not too distant past Brazil was the darling of Latin America’s economies while Mexico struggled relentlessly. Now it seems the tables have turned, with Mexico weathering steep currency depreciation and a global oil slowdown to remain one of the most liquid economies in the region – at least for the time being. Bonds & Loans Connect sat down with several credit market, currency and policy experts to discuss three biggest factors that could impact its outlook over the next six months to a year.

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Mexico: All Eyes on growth

Mexico’s central bank followed the Fed’s lead this week in keeping the borrowing rate to record lows at 3%, and similarly implied that it could raise rates in the near future – some believe as early as December. It also revised down the country’s growth prospects for the coming year. But what do short and long-term growth forecasts mean for the country’s fixed income market?

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Investor perspectives: What happened to the BRICs?

Zakir Banatwala, Portfolio Manager at StratEdge Quant Investors shares his thoughts on the rise and fall of the BRIC countries.

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What are Green Bonds and how are they relevant in Brazil?

Green bonds raise funds for new and existing eligible projects with environmental benefits, and offer SRI opportunities for investors and have become an effective way for issuers to communicate their Environmental, Social and Governance credentials, writes Andrew Menzies, Co-Head, Debt Capital Markets, Americas at Societe Generale.

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EM fixed income outlook gloomy: can investors weather the storm?

With Brazil’s credit rating downgrade, China’s economic lag and struggling commodities, many are pointing to increased capital outflows in emerging markets as the miner’s canary for further currency depreciation and challenges in EM fixed income. However, some believe the EM bond markets may be down – but not out, writes Jonathan Brandon.

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META Projects

26 - 27 Oct 2015

Intercontinental Festival City, Dubai

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Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Turkey

11 - 12 Nov 2015

Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul

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Bonds & Loans Awards Turkey

11 Nov 2015

Esma Sultan Palace

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Bonds, Loans & Derivatives Andes

23 - 24 Feb 2016

JW Marriot, Bogotá

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Bonds & Loans Africa

14 - 15 Mar 2016

The Westin, Cape Town

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Bonds, Loans & Derivatives Brazil

12 - 13 Apr 2016

Tivoli, São Paulo

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Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Middle East

19 - 20 Apr 2016

Grand Hyatt Dubai

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Bonds, Loans & Derivatives Chile

10 May 2016

The Ritz, Santiago

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Bonds, Loans & Derivatives Mexico

The leading banking and finance event in Mexico

24 September 2015 Mexico